Austin Woods and Waters Sportsman Club

AWWC is dedicated to "passing on the heritage" of the outdoors experience to the younger generations and to the conservation of our wildlife resources. Club activities stress sound game management, conservation, proper and ethical outdoor activities and, of course, great fellowship while participating in these outdoors experiences. Our members like to spend time outdoors hunting, fishing, and talking about it and sometimes, possibly even exaggerating just a bit.

AWWC has a New Home

I am delighted to report that thanks to the herculean efforts of several of our past and present Board members they have successfully negotiated a new home for Austin Woods and Waters luncheons!

Beginning September 4th, our monthly luncheons will be held at the Ben Hur Shrine Lodge, located at 7811 Rockwood Lane, Austin, TX 78757

Not only is our new location centrally located, it sports a large (flat!) parking lot that will accommodate what we hope to be ever swelling crowds at our monthly meetings.

The delicious meals you've come to expect for our luncheons will continue to be provided by Dagars catering at the still modest price of $15 per person.

Please mark your calendars and plan on joining your fellow Austin Woods and Water-ers as we begin making memories in our new home!


Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, and Outdoor Activities

Each spring, AWC holds one of two major social events of the year. This Spring event is called the Spring Family Picnic and Wild Game Cook Off and is open to all members and their families. Game recipes and outdoor delicacies prepared by our accomplished member-chefs are the highlights of the event, as well as activities and fun for the entire family. Our fall event is the annual McBride Foundation Banquet, the purpose of which is to raise funds for the Clubs charitable entity.

The Club offers its members and guests shooting sports events and hunting and fishing trips of all types. The generous sponsorship of lodges, guide services and members help keep these trips affordable.

Social Activities

Typically, twice a year, the Club sponsors a Trophy Room Cocktail Party at the home of one of our members. Members and their spouses are invited and the purpose of the event is to get to know each other better and have fun.